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Following the guidelines for Coordinated Outreach Services set forth by the New York State Division of Library Development, NYS library systems provide service to all or some of the following target populations of New Yorkers who are most in need and who often are not regular public library users:

  • People who are Blind or who have a Physical Disability
  • Seniors
  • People who have a Developmental or Learning Disability
  • People living in Institutionalized Settings
  • Members of Ethnic or Minority Groups in need of special services
  • People who are Educationally Disadvantaged
  • People who are Unemployed or Underemployed
  • People who are Geographically Isolated

UHLS offers continuing education programs to help member libraries provide library resources and services that address the needs of the NYS designated outreach populations. Continuing education for professional librarians helps ensure that UHLS member libraries have information and awareness to foster community partnerships with local organizations that work with target populations and to develop programs and services for NYS designated outreach populations. Workshops have included Local Senior Resources, Improving Library Services for LGBTQ Communities, and Mental Health First Aid.

Coordinated Outreach Services Advisory Council

-- UHLS Representative: Natalie Hurteau

The UHLS Coordinated Outreach Services Advisory Council includes members of the target populations listed above and agencies who work with the target populations, and one director of a member library. Council members are to serve three-year terms.

2020 Coordinated Outreach Services Advisory Council Members

Meeting Minutes:


April, July



Services to Albany and Rensselaer County Jails

NYS County Jail "Interinstitutional" Aid provides funds based on inmate population to each library system with county jails in their service area, ensuring that library and inmate services at the local county jails have access to library resources and consulting service. With these, UHLS provided over 500 books to our local jails last year.

NYS Adult Literacy Grant

The NYS Division of Library Development distributes funds to supplement the library system's coordinated outreach services via the Adult Literacy grant.
During the 2019-2022 grant cycle, member libraries received Gotomeeting licenses to host workforce development programs virtually during the Pandemic. During this cycle, UHLS is offering both a series of workforce development workshops for the public and professional development for library staff who assist patrons with job readiness inquiries. Please visit our Adult Services page for more information.

Thanks to our UHLS Community Outreach Partners:

Albany Guardian Society

Capital Region Workforce Investment Board

Emergency Broadband Benefit Outreach Toolkit

Literacy Volunteers of Rensselaer County

New York State Talking Book & Braille Library

Northeastern Association of the Blind at Albany

Pride Center of the Capital Region

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